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    Tender Writing Testimonial: Carlson Co

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    “Hi Shane,

    I am totally thankful for the service and support Red Tape Busters has provided us, it was such as rush to try and get things done while working full time and running a farm. I did not in a million years think this opportunity of this scale would present itself this early in the business and thanks to Sharyn for her great work for this tender application.

    I am so appreciative of yours and Sharyn’s work with the extra documents and payment arrangement. I will recommend Red Tape Busters to anyone.

    I will be a returning customer to Red Tape Busters in the very near future for future tenders and preparation of company documents and manuals etc, all that fun stuff we have to throw together to have structure and future direction.

    Thank you again Shane and Sharyn. We are now sitting ducks, waiting for a response from Southern Downs Regional Council.
    Have to be in it to win it and we want to just have a go.

    We are doing some things in the community already and am looking forward to planning more to support Warwick’s community members upon success of local council contracts.

    Will be in touch! Thank you again, Carla , Carlson Co”

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