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    1. Grant Writing Testimonial: Jandowae Golf Club

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      Dear Red Tape Busters, Jandowae Golf Club would like to thank you for your support we received from Red Tape Busters with this years Grant Applications. We are a very proud club and going forward we see a strong future for our club. This is very difficult for small clubs like Jandowae without the funding from Local and State Government. The Club is very confident with the applications put through the Get Going and Get Playing also with the Gaming Community Fund. Once again it was a pleasure working with Rob again this year with his understanding and experience is very valuable for our clubs success with these applications. On behalf of Jandowae Golf Club Committee we thank you for your support.

      Thanks Again, Patrick Weldon, Jandowae Golf Club President 2017

    2. Tender Writing Testimonial: Pressure Cleaning Experts

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      I would like to take this chance to thank you for the services you’ve offered us. About two weeks ago Todd and myself where this close to calling off the whole Tender process as it turned out to be too much of an unknown terrain for us were we could find ourselves easily lost. Todd decided to look for help and in a matter of seconds Todd found your company on Google. Our luck was starting to change, you were even close by and within minutes, we met up and you gave us a bit of hope that we could still hand in a decent Tender in time.

      You assigned Paul to our Tender, which turned out to be a perfect match. Paul understood what we wanted to say in this Tender and helped us out in a way that couldn’t be better. Paul was easy to contact by email, even after hours, which was really good for us!! And he responded almost straight away. Paul ended up creating a professional tender document that shows exactly what our company is and can do. A document we proudly uploaded (on time) at the Tenderbox. The Tender documents looked so good, that we even think there’s a chance we could win this Tender. Again, many thanks to you and Paul!

      Kind regards, also on behalf of Todd,
      Daniel de Wit, Operations Manager, Pressure Cleaning Experts

    3. Grant Writing Testimonial: Bowen Golf Club

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      On behalf of the Bowen Golf Club  Committee and members thank you for your assistance and professionalism in writing the application for the grant in relation to the construction of the Sea Bee Wall. Your help has been invaluable and John has often expressed the value of having a person of your calibre working with him. You and John have formed an amazing team that has allowed John to follow through with a project that he was determined to complete.  Not only the Bowen Golf Club but the entire Queens Beach Community will benefit from the time and effort you have dedicated to having the Queens Beach foreshore protected.

      Thank You, Sincerely, Debbie Bullemor, Secretary Bowen Golf Club

    4. Tender Writing Testimonial: Allnew Hygiene

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      Good Morning Shane, I wish to thank you for choosing Paul Redman as my consultant.

      I found him to be extremely efficient and knowledgeable as well as being very patient and perceptive with his interpersonal skills.  I found he made the whole process as pleasant and easy as possible.

      Thanks again, Judy Gibson, Allnew Hygiene


    5. Tender Writer Success: All Areas Rubbish Removal

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      Hi Shane, We’re thrilled to learn that we won the tender for 6 of the areas available. What an amazing result especially since this is the first time we’d applied for such a large project. Our Consultant, Tim, guided us through the process, eased our nerves, and highlighted the points of difference and extra value we provide. Thanks to Red Tape Busters, our business in now in an excellent position to grow even more.

      We’ll definitely use and recommend you again. Thank you so much.

      Rose and Gary Law, All Areas Rubbish Removal

    6. Grant Application Testimonial: Dermark Pty Ltd, Turnbury Orchard

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      Thanks Shane, I thought the job you guys did was very professional. I just took pot luck on the net and you were the first person to come back to me. I knew time was the essence and when you said you could get it done in that tight time frame I thought I will give this company a go. I always enjoy working with people that get their heads around the situation quickly and Tim did. Shane I did get a quote from another person but when she did not get back to me when she said she would I moved on. Look, the grant industry is something I have never been involved in but I think there are opportunities there for both our organisations.

      Very happy Shane ..thanks .. even if we don’t get the grant.

      Regards, Sandy McLay, Dermark Pty Ltd
      An Australian Agribusiness, Turnbury Orchard”

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