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    1. Tender Writing Success Testimonial: JAS Construction

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      “Hi Shane, Thank you so much for putting me on to Paul for help with the tender I just submitted to Redlands City Council. Paul could not have been any better. This was my first experience submitting a tender for government work and I had no idea there was so much involved. After Paul’s help I now have a greater understanding of the whole tendering process and what is required for future tenders. Paul’s knowledge has given me a insight into what the councils are looking for and made me think this one is probably not what I am best suited too. I am looking forward to applying for future projects and working again with both yourself and Paul.

      Really appreciate the all hour work from you both. Thank you.

      Jon Sweeney, J.A.S Construction Qld Pty Ltd”

    2. Tender Writing Success Testimonial: Life Swim

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      “Hi Iola Thank you so much for your assistance.  We submitted the tender this morning after quickly reviewing your email. Fingers crossed, but we are very happy with your assistance.  This is our first time with such a big tender.Thank you for working over the weekend.  Enjoy your week and we will let you know how we go.

      Kind regards
      Shannon Harben, Life Swim”

    3. Tender Writing Testimonial: Brisbane Central State School

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      Hi Iola, I hope you are well. I have some really good news. We won a tender. We are moving into Brisbane Central State School on 18/4. We beat PCYC AGAIN.

      We also have got top 3 out of the last two tenders. SO! Out of the 4 tenders we did, we won one, got top 3 for 2 and one we didn’t get but haven’t had feedback. So on behalf of Amaze, I’d just like to say a big thank you for your contribution to our success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.

      Lucy Cook
      General Manager – Marketing and Operations
      AMAZE Education”

    4. Tender Writing Testimonial: Some more great tender writing feedback from one of our long term clients

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      Hi Shane, Just letting you know that we have been successful in winning the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre tenders as well as the Logan Council tender. What a great result. I will call Iola on Monday to thank her as well. I will have another job for you to work on soon for us.

      Thanks again.
      Regards Vendo Vincent Qld Security Solutions.”

    5. Grant Writing Testimonial: Atherton Rotary Club

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      Hey Rob, Jo received a call saying that we are successful with the Saluting Your Service Grant and it should be officially released on the website tomorrow – pretty exciting stuff.

      Thanks for all your help with pulling it together. Now the real work begins.

      Cheers, Lesa, Atherton Rotary Club”

    6. Grant Writing Testimonial: Atherton Rotary Club

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      Hi Rob, I hope all is well with you as we run up the Christmas. We have received notification that we have received $53,000 for the restoration of the igloo’s stage area. This is a great result which we are celebrating and it’s a great outcome from your application work.

      Regards, Jo Barnes, Atherton Rotary Club

    7. Grant Writing Testimonial: OZLED

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      Hi Iola, just another quick email to let you know that we were successful. WAPOL selected some of the items on our tender which was our main aim. Now that we are an approved suppler, we can continue to work on the other items. WAPOL only awarded the tender to 2 suppliers.

      Thanks again for your assistance, and I’m sure we’ll be talking the next time a tender is required.

      Regards, Andrew Basevi, Managing Director, OZLED”

    8. Grant Writing Testimonial: Warwick Golf Club

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      Thanks for the congrats, and thanks again for your help which was invaluable.  I’ll certainly be recommending red Tape Busters to anyone who is contemplating writing a submission.

      I’ll be having a spell now for a couple of years before attempting another job.

      All the best, Don Stewart, Warwick Golf Club

    9. Grant Writing Testimonial: Brisbane Golf Club

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      Hi Rob, I have looked through all the documents and all look good to me. Can’t remember though whether I saw anything from Golf Qld.  President is happy for me to sign off without any further consultation with the Executive, so ok to submit. Can’t thank you enough for leading you through the whole process.  We would not have the comprehensive documentation we have now without your prompting and advice.  We owe you big time. .

      Best Regards, Phil, Brisbane Golf Club

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