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    1. Grant Writing Testimonial: Atherton Rotary Club

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      Hey Rob, Jo received a call saying that we are successful with the Saluting Your Service Grant and it should be officially released on the website tomorrow – pretty exciting stuff.

      Thanks for all your help with pulling it together. Now the real work begins.

      Cheers, Lesa, Atherton Rotary Club”

    2. Grant Writing Testimonial: Atherton Rotary Club

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      Hi Rob, I hope all is well with you as we run up the Christmas. We have received notification that we have received $53,000 for the restoration of the igloo’s stage area. This is a great result which we are celebrating and it’s a great outcome from your application work.

      Regards, Jo Barnes, Atherton Rotary Club

    3. Grant Writing Testimonial: OZLED

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      Hi Iola, just another quick email to let you know that we were successful. WAPOL selected some of the items on our tender which was our main aim. Now that we are an approved suppler, we can continue to work on the other items. WAPOL only awarded the tender to 2 suppliers.

      Thanks again for your assistance, and I’m sure we’ll be talking the next time a tender is required.

      Regards, Andrew Basevi, Managing Director, OZLED”

    4. Grant Writing Testimonial: Warwick Golf Club

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      Thanks for the congrats, and thanks again for your help which was invaluable.  I’ll certainly be recommending red Tape Busters to anyone who is contemplating writing a submission.

      I’ll be having a spell now for a couple of years before attempting another job.

      All the best, Don Stewart, Warwick Golf Club

    5. Grant Writing Testimonial: Brisbane Golf Club

      Posted by

      Hi Rob, I have looked through all the documents and all look good to me. Can’t remember though whether I saw anything from Golf Qld.  President is happy for me to sign off without any further consultation with the Executive, so ok to submit. Can’t thank you enough for leading you through the whole process.  We would not have the comprehensive documentation we have now without your prompting and advice.  We owe you big time. .

      Best Regards, Phil, Brisbane Golf Club

    6. Grant Writing Testimonial: Middlemount Golf Club

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      Rob and the Team at Red Tape Busters were instrumental in assisting the Middlemount Golf Club with our grant application. From the moment the expression of interest was advertised on the Golf Qld website through to submission, Rob was always in constant contact providing advice and updating on where the application currently was in the process. With Rob’s help we were able to gain the necessary support documents and write a grant application that the funding body will look quite favourably on. The Middlemount Golf Club will definitely be accessing Red Tape Busters services in the future.

      Jamie Sullivan, Middlemount Golf Club”

    7. Grant Writing Testimonial: Maleny Golf Club

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      Out of sheer curiosity this afternoon, I checked the State Department of Sport and Rec’s website for any evidence that the grant announcement might be in the pipeline.  And to my great surprise, and with much pleasure, I found that the Maleny Golf Club was listed amongst the successful Clubs.  So many many thanks to you, Paul, for all your efforts in helping secure such a good result – $100,000.   We now just have to wait for the outstanding gambling grant application before I award you 10 out of 10!!   I hope Red Tape Busters featured with other successful applications.

      It was a great pleasure working with you; and I hope we can repeat the process in the near future.

      And also thanks to Golf Queensland for fostering and supporting the grant application process through Red Tape Busters.   I notice a good sprinkling of grants for other QLD golf clubs.  It’s good to see our sport well represented.

      Again, thanks and regards, Max, President Maleny Golf Club”

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