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    1. Grant writing- 9 tips to successful application

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      Grants generate a tremendous opportunity by providing funding for companies and organisations to assist and support them in changing the world for the better, however grant writing is not easy and a great grant writer just doesn’t grow on a tree. Unfortunately, grants can be a challenge to win, and can involve a great deal of work. Funding body grant managers receive countless applications for each grant, so the way a grant is presented can make or break an application. The following 9 tips will assist a grant writer to submit the best possible application for their company or organisation. Continue reading

    2. How to Lodge a Successful Tender

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      Submitting a tender, or a competitive bid for your company or organisation to supply goods and/or services, can initially seem like a long and confusing process. There could be multiple companies all competing for the same job. There are steps to make the road easier to navigate, that every tender writer needs to know before they start writing a tender application. To help increase the chances of the tender application success the steps are: Continue reading

    3. Testimonial – Alexandra Hills State High School

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      Thanks Shane. We are very happy with Jen’s work on the SSS Grant application. Thanks heaps to Jenny. I never could have got this all together without a mental breakdown at this time of the year. I will endeavour to use your services again.


      Lyn Lee, Business Manager, Alexandra Hills State High School

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