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    1. Writing a Job Application – Then vs Now

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      When I was in my early 20’s, a very long time ago, I attended a jobs course. Without revealing just how old I am, this course was in the years BC (Before Centrelink). I had never been unemployed before, having left my job at a café to join the Australian Army as an apprentice when I was 16, so I was sent to one of the new job’s programs. This program was designed to help young unemployed people by providing training in writing job applications, preparing resumes and attending interviews.

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    2. Queensland Grant Writing testimonial – Isis Golf Club

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      Hello Rob and Andrew,

      In among the chaos of the past few days here, a spirit lifter arrived yesterday, with the approval of our application for $20 000 dollars.

      To you both on behalf of the club i say thank you very much. I do so appreciate how hard the ‘Red Tape Busters’ work to complete such an application. Having been through quite a few on my own, I know what it involves.

      Thanks again, and no doubt you’ll hear from us in the future with another plea for help.

      My best wishes,


      Isis Golf Club

    3. Melbourne Grant Writer testimonial – Bairnsdale Golf Club

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      Hi Mark,

      Just thought I would send off a quick (unsolicited) email to convey the club’s experience with Red Tape Busters.

      We have just submitted our application for the BBRF and the assistance from RTB was invaluable and extremely professional. Both Rob Lillystone and Andrew Hamilton are to be congratulated for the quality and speed of support they provided. We simply couldn’t imagine going through this process without them. Although there is no assurance of success, I can’t help but feel the platform RTB have provided gives the club the best chance.

      I would strongly recommend them to any club considering a similar application.


      Jeff Graham

      General Manager

      Bairnsdale Golf Club

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