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    1. Queensland Grant Writing testimonial – Isis Golf Club

      Posted by

      Hello Rob and Andrew,

      In among the chaos of the past few days here, a spirit lifter arrived yesterday, with the approval of our application for $20 000 dollars.

      To you both on behalf of the club i say thank you very much. I do so appreciate how hard the ‘Red Tape Busters’ work to complete such an application. Having been through quite a few on my own, I know what it involves.

      Thanks again, and no doubt you’ll hear from us in the future with another plea for help.

      My best wishes,


      Isis Golf Club

    2. Melbourne Grant Writer testimonial – Bairnsdale Golf Club

      Posted by

      Hi Mark,

      Just thought I would send off a quick (unsolicited) email to convey the club’s experience with Red Tape Busters.

      We have just submitted our application for the BBRF and the assistance from RTB was invaluable and extremely professional. Both Rob Lillystone and Andrew Hamilton are to be congratulated for the quality and speed of support they provided. We simply couldn’t imagine going through this process without them. Although there is no assurance of success, I can’t help but feel the platform RTB have provided gives the club the best chance.

      I would strongly recommend them to any club considering a similar application.


      Jeff Graham

      General Manager

      Bairnsdale Golf Club

    3. Testimonial – Alexandra Hills State High School

      Posted by

      Thanks Shane. We are very happy with Jen’s work on the SSS Grant application. Thanks heaps to Jenny. I never could have got this all together without a mental breakdown at this time of the year. I will endeavour to use your services again.


      Lyn Lee, Business Manager, Alexandra Hills State High School

    4. Testimonial – Native Habitat Solutions

      Posted by

      Hi Teresa,

      Thank you so much for your assistance with finding where this was. We really have no idea about that sort of stuff.

      Thank you again Teresa for all your time and assistance, you have been so very helpful and we appreciate it and I think with your assistance we have a very high chance to pull this off. We will let you know how we go.

      Bel Callaughan

      Native Habitat Solutions

      Another great tender writing happy client.

    5. Testimonial – Mitchell Physio

      Posted by

      Hi Shane and Paul

      Just wanted to say a massive thank you for making my life so easy with the tender. I really didn’t have time to do it and I only spent about 20mins a night on it and we got it done on time somehow so thank you times a million. Will definitely be using your services again in the future!

      All the best


      Mitchell Physio

      Another great tender writing happy client.

    6. Testimonial – Maroochydore Tennis Club Inc

      Posted by

      Hi Shane,

      Thanks for the email. My apologies as I was of the opinion that you knew of our $20000 Lighting success with the Council.

      What a great result! I have sent the email to the GCBF as you requested.

      Thank you so much.

      Cheers, Eric Smith.

      Chairperson. Maroochydore Tennis Club Inc.

      Another client happy with our fabulous grant writer.

    7. Testimonial – Narangba Baseball Club

      Posted by

      Hi Shane,

      Just wanted to give you an update – we have just heard we have been successful for the GCBF grant and our projects can start ASAP! Thank you to yourself and Nogah for all the work on that project. I have a contact who knows the local members quite well and is going to talk to them about getting letters of support for all of the upcoming grants.

      We look forward to all of the upcoming Grants!

      Thanks again,


      President Narangba Baseball Club

      Another great grant writing happy client.

    8. Testimonial – Rocky Golf Club

      Posted by


      That is excellent news. Believe it or not we are having noise complaints due to morning mowing s hopefully this will address this problem. The $35k for the mower is much needed.

      Thank you again.

      Andrew Longbottom

      Rocky Golf Club

      Another client happy with our fabulous grant writer.

    9. Testimonial – Borneo Barracks Golf Club

      Posted by

      Wow! Rob

      This is fantastic news and certainly will ease the pressure on our club’s finances as well helping our course maintenance with us winning $35k to purchase a mower.

      On behalf of our members I thank you for you for your hard work and diligence in preparing and submitting our application.  It is greatly appreciated.

      Kind Regards

      Doug Coates

      Borneo Barracks Golf Club

      Another great grant writing happy client.

    10. Testimonial – Collinsville Golf Club Inc

      Posted by

      Hi Shane

      Exciting news for the club to be able to save money on electricity but as I said to Rob, I haven’t heard from them yet.

      Great to hear though that finally our Solar project and the $24k has been approved.

      Cheers, Joyce

      Joyce Buckley


      Collinsville Golf Club Inc

      Another client happy with our fabulous grant writer.

    11. Testimonial – Warwick Cowboys Rugby League Club

      Posted by

      Hi Shane

      Wow that is awesome. We are very happy for our first successful grant – $25k for the grandstands & thanks for your time & effort involved.

      Upwards & moving forward in the right direction.

      Please advise what we need to do next.

      Kind regards

      Donna Watson

      Secretary Warwick Cowboys Rugby League Club

      Another client happy with our fabulous grant writer.

    12. Testimonial – L and D Earthmoving

      Posted by

      Hey Shane

      Hope you are having a good night.

      I know you have seen some emails here and there but Teresa has been amazing to work with, thank you so much.  So many times she would have banged her hand on her head wondering what I was going on about but she muscled through it with me and has been so patient and understanding.

      I just wanted you to know I really appreciate her work and I am really grateful for her time in this project.


      Miranda Sewell

      Account Manager

      L and D Earthmoving

      Another great tender writing happy client.

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