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    1. Tender Writing Testimonial: Allnew Hygiene

      Posted by

      Good Morning Shane, I wish to thank you for choosing Paul Redman as my consultant.

      I found him to be extremely efficient and knowledgeable as well as being very patient and perceptive with his interpersonal skills.  I found he made the whole process as pleasant and easy as possible.

      Thanks again, Judy Gibson, Allnew Hygiene


    2. Tender Writer Success: All Areas Rubbish Removal

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      Hi Shane, We’re thrilled to learn that we won the tender for 6 of the areas available. What an amazing result especially since this is the first time we’d applied for such a large project. Our Consultant, Tim, guided us through the process, eased our nerves, and highlighted the points of difference and extra value we provide. Thanks to Red Tape Busters, our business in now in an excellent position to grow even more.

      We’ll definitely use and recommend you again. Thank you so much.

      Rose and Gary Law, All Areas Rubbish Removal

    3. Grant Application Testimonial: Dermark Pty Ltd, Turnbury Orchard

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      Thanks Shane, I thought the job you guys did was very professional. I just took pot luck on the net and you were the first person to come back to me. I knew time was the essence and when you said you could get it done in that tight time frame I thought I will give this company a go. I always enjoy working with people that get their heads around the situation quickly and Tim did. Shane I did get a quote from another person but when she did not get back to me when she said she would I moved on. Look, the grant industry is something I have never been involved in but I think there are opportunities there for both our organisations.

      Very happy Shane ..thanks .. even if we don’t get the grant.

      Regards, Sandy McLay, Dermark Pty Ltd
      An Australian Agribusiness, Turnbury Orchard”

    4. Tender Writing Testimonial: Envirowash

      Posted by

      Hey Shane. Just a quick email to say how impressed I was of Iola’s work and how much effort and attention to detail that was put into the Tender. Thank you team, and I will be more than happy to use you again and will refer you in the future.

      Thanks, Jamie de Graaff, Owner, Envirowash

    5. Tender Writing Success Testimonial: JAS Construction

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      “Hi Shane, Thank you so much for putting me on to Paul for help with the tender I just submitted to Redlands City Council. Paul could not have been any better. This was my first experience submitting a tender for government work and I had no idea there was so much involved. After Paul’s help I now have a greater understanding of the whole tendering process and what is required for future tenders. Paul’s knowledge has given me a insight into what the councils are looking for and made me think this one is probably not what I am best suited too. I am looking forward to applying for future projects and working again with both yourself and Paul.

      Really appreciate the all hour work from you both. Thank you.

      Jon Sweeney, J.A.S Construction Qld Pty Ltd”

    6. Tender Writing Success Testimonial: Life Swim

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      “Hi Iola Thank you so much for your assistance.  We submitted the tender this morning after quickly reviewing your email. Fingers crossed, but we are very happy with your assistance.  This is our first time with such a big tender.Thank you for working over the weekend.  Enjoy your week and we will let you know how we go.

      Kind regards
      Shannon Harben, Life Swim”

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